What do you get?

Your future house is delivered directly to the place of assembly. At the place of assembly, the foundation must be ready according to the project documentation. Our construction team arrives at the place of assembly together with the house. Typically, the entire house set fits in 2-3 trucks.

We do the full assembly of the house on site, mount the roof and additional equipment which is included in the complete set of houses, for example install solar panels, if they were provided. About a week after the start of assembly, we are ready to give you the keys to the house for your future use. You can plan the delivery of the furniture and equipment.

Standard equipment

Requires ready strip foundation, with a monolithic slab, t-shaped shape;

Frame house made of solid Carpathian pine beams, section 150mm-300mm;

20 cm thick exterior walls

30 cm insulated roof of the house;

10 cm insulated sound-proof interior walls of the house;

Exterior and interior walls are covered with gypsum board, washroom areas are covered with moisture-resistant gypsum board;

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Additional insulation for exterior walls

Advanced communications for the smart home

Balcony or terrace

Solar panels

Finishing and painting of exterior walls

Windows and sliding systems

Electric shutter system on windows

Roofing with flexible asphalt or natural shingles and drainage system

Entrance and interior doors


The final kit:
  • Blueprints and Documentation
  • Manufactured, assembled house
  • Exterior finish
  • Roof installed
  • Preparation for utility connection
  • Support and service
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