It`s the Carpathians, Ukraine
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house starts here
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The «Bah» houses are not about
construction, it`s about the joy
of living in your own house

Its basis -
is ecology1

For its production uses
natural wood from the
Ukrainian Carpathians

Its architecture - is a freedom of options2

Limited only by your

Its manufacturability - is a modern production3

That meets
European standards.


Bah`s houses are reliable, beautiful, technological and warm with a comfortable interior - you want to live in it, and live easily!
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Factory production, compliance with technological processes, quality passport to the house and each element, certified materials.


We do all the work including logistics and paperwork at the border crossing. You get the finished product and have no hidden costs. Time from start of production to move in the house - from 6 weeks


Thanks to the rigid and light frame, you can combine wood with many materials, you can organize large spaces - we can take on any of your residential projects

Energy efficiency
class A

The multi-layered structure of the outer walls, with additional external insulation provide the house with heat in winter and the necessary coolness in summer, reducing its energy consumption to a minimum. You can also install solar panels and your energy costs will be close to zero.

Fully equipped

Right from the factory we can equip your home with all the necessary solutions - windows and sliding systems, balcony, communications, security shutters, smart home connection system, etc.


You get your home in accordance with European quality standards at prices up to two times lower than similar proposals. We don`t offer free options or other marketing tricks. Your benefit is the budget you save!

Production is located in the suburb of Kiev, Ukraine. Wooden materials for production are procured in the Carpathians in western Ukraine. We manufacture frame houses for over 10 years. Production of a standard house takes about 2-4 weeks + delivery and assembly on site (about 1-2 weeks). The house can be made in any configuration, as the construction for its further completion on the spot, as well as fully equipped, up to the interior walls.

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